Friday, February 22, 2013

Flexible Table Solutions to Maximize Your Budget and Space

As both business and government clients continue to downsize their office space to save on real estate costs, the demand for more flexible business solutions and products is greater than ever. For example, many organizations have made the decision to completely do away with the desk phone (aka land lines) and opted for a 100% cell phone environment. This makes perfect sense when land lines offer no significant advantage over the “smart phones” of today and eliminates paying double just to make a phone call. For some, cloud computing has eliminated the need for custom built server rooms that require a temperature controlled environment saving thousands on energy bills, real estate, hardware, and software.

So how can an organization get more from their office furniture?
We get asked this question from clients on a daily basis. We know that when making a furniture purchase customers are not only concerned with the quality of product, but on how they can make every budget dollar count. Furniture that is both beautiful and flexible will give clients more bang for their buck.

Our philosophy is to always consider the size of the space and how it is utilized (does it serve one or multiple functions).  We then incorporate those details when developing a design to ensure that the furniture reflects the surrounding environment, company needs, and company culture. One example of this, as we discussed in an earlier blog post, is benching systems.  Benching allows for maximizing square footage and increasing collaboration by getting more employees in a single open floor plan. Another solution to meet this need is to find furniture that can be easily moved and reconfigured to meet changing needs.

Simple Solution: Re-purpose Your Conference Room
Conference rooms are a precious commodity in business space. Not only do they consume a lot of square footage, but they often lack functionality on a daily basis. A simple and sensible solution is to re-purpose that seldom used conference room using flexible and affordable training tables. As depicted in the graphic below, our designers at The Harbor Interiors have taken one single 936 square foot space, and shown how the same amount of furniture can be placed in four different configurations to easily create environments for a classroom, group training, traditional conferencing, and break out teaming workspaces. Organizations that use flexible furniture can be sure that their space is always usable – saving both square footage and money in the long run.

Contact The Harbor Interiors and let us help you simplify your workspace with flexible furniture solutions.

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