Friday, February 15, 2013

Benching Solutions offer Design, Flexibility, and Collaboration

Today we take a look at Affordable Interiors System’s (AIS) newest product line “Calibrate”. This product solution offers a sleek and modern look coupled with a variety of choices in fabrics, laminates, and workstation components to fit end-users needs of functionality and design while matching an organization’s culture, business flow, and personality.

What to consider when going with a benching solution:

  • I'm looking for a collaborative and agile work environment.
  • I want to maximize my open floor plan that will accommodate more employees without the clutter.
  • I require the flexibility of a tradition workstation (cubicle) with multiple storage, wire management,electrical and component options.
  • I have a desire for a clean, modern, and slim lined look and feel.

Here’s what AIS has to say about Calibrate:

(Learn more about AIS Calibrate @

Calibrate is our newest line of freestanding components and accessories designed to construct open plan desking and benching solutions as well as private office environments. It can be used to pump up the volume of any traditional office space while delivering custom workspaces with contemporary and relevant design.
Consider Calibrate an à la carte offering with flexible upscale components you can mix and match. Offerings include: laminate credenzas, benches, bookcases, overheads and wardrobes; universal screens for visual privacy; universal legs and table bases; and perimeter electrical and wire management troughs for voice, data and electrical wiring.
Calibrate components can be coupled with any of AIS’ products. Use AIS Matrix and you have a solid system with robust electrical capabilities to meet any workspace needs. Matrix panels are the perfect solution for spine wall concepts needing high-capacity, multi-circuit electrical, or utilize AIS Divi monolithic panels for a cost-effective panel option.
Calibrate is the newest product solution from AIS and we are sure you will agree that the time is right to "Calibrate" your space!

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